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You Knew It Had To Happen Best Of 2013

16 Ágú

As we close out another year, here is a look back at the great songs that were released this year. I always bemoan how slow and few and far between good songs reach the landscape, so looking back over this list, I was pleased to realize that we actually got some real winners in 2013. I also think it is safe to post this with only a few more days left to go, as we have Beyonce’s surprise album out of the way and I don’t think anyone else has the cajones to try to top that so soon after she did. Sadly, I have picked through the surprise album and nothing stuck like I wanted it to. Yes, it’s a pretty collection of videos mostly of Beyonce chomping gum and flicking her hair, but musically it fell flat.



14 Ágú

Today we’re excited to bring you Kyle Linco, who has been published a new track. We talked about inspired tracks that starts off with a smooth bassline and fluttering synths. As it progresses through untreated and pitched down samples, it gets a little more obscure, bringing in breakbeat spattering of drums, synths and samples.

Kyle Linco is an electronic music dj who makes songs with sounds that everyone can understand to. I predict huge things happening in this year… mark my words.

I you want listen more, visit Kyle Linco Facebook

Armin Van Buuren Feat Nadia Ali Feels So Good Tristan Garner Remix

4 Ágú

You’re on the telephone

I keep breaking my own rules, playing your love fool

It feels so good

It feels so good

I keep breaking my own rules, playing your love fool

It feels so good

It feels so good


1 Ágú

Hear All I Can Do from Novascope below. Expect the full length LP in the next year!!!

From ultra versatile producer, Mitchell Naftal, NovaScope combines the sounds of the 70’s Classic Rock and Funk era , With the technology and innovation of 21st century Bass Music. All of these influences along with a guitar soaring along for the ride, creates a new age of electronic music designed specifically for the senses.

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