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This is the last by Jord Groen, Tech House Summer 2013

29 Apr

Some of my readers ask me about true independent tech house producers… well, I bring you Jord Groen with this eargasm:

The track comes in the form of a new instrumental (emphasis on the -mental) track ‘Tech House Summer 2013’ synth arrangements fade in and out of one another as Jord Groen adds a heavenly pad extension into the mix, resulting in a ride through tech house soundscapes and off the wall production. Check out the track above and be on the lookout for more music from Jord Groen in the near future.

More info:

Born in 1983 in the Netherlands Jord Groen grew up with music. On a young age he started playing music on guitar and keyboard. When he went to his first parties and saw the DJs at work, he was captured by them. Soon after the parties Jord Groen bought himself a pair of turntables and a mixer and started practicing day and night. He mostly played the harder styles of dance music at small intimate parties. When life changed in the years he decided to stop DJ-ing, but still kept going to parties and the DJ-ing still attracted him. Since a couple of years Jord Groen refound his passion in DJ-ing Techno music. Jord Groen is still working very hard to get back and do the thing he mostly like: playing music.

Jord Groen Facebook

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22 Apr

4) You’re active in social media – what are the networks you see as most important and why? Do you have favorites?

I set up the world’s first & only Social Network Record Label ‘Solarswarm Recordings’ a couple of years ago, I figured that the social network platform would be a great way to enable trance lovers to interact and really affect the musical output of a record label. Members of the Solarswarm find and submit new tracks to the label for voting in polls using an interactive member-only media page and forum on the website. Once a track gets a 75% YES vote, the track gets signed. Then remixers are chosen in the same way. Members also submit their own photography or artwork to be used as the official release tile. It’s great fun for the members and we have released 11 great records so far!

You have to listen this loud. Throwback 7 Figures

19 Apr

I hope to hear from somebody soon…

Welsh Grand National 2013 2

10 Apr

sprinterplacelaybarnyandsprinterSo what do Sprinter Sacre & Raymond van Barneveld have in common? Well they both formed part of a bizarre day of punting for myself yesterday.

After achieving my shortest ever place lay (Sprinter Sacre) on Betfair in the twelve years I have held an account I then proceeded to lose the lot on Raymond van Barneveld who lost 4-3 to Mark Webster in the World Darts. “That’s the gamble” as they famously used to utter on the TV game show Bullseye. How very apt! 😀

As you may or may not have read the other day I am completely scaling back my free blogging, a decision I didn’t take lightly. However, my personal circumstances are such that I cannot simply keep devoting the time to doing my blogging just for fun. I need to be involved in something that is going to give me a little bit of something back. I know I am as good as, or better than some of the folks who make some sort of revenue out of tips yet I don’t make a bean or any extra income out of it. But I’ve hit a stage where I need some beans for myself. I’m pretty sure people still don’t quite appreciate what a precarious financial position I find myself in after becoming a full time carer four years ago. It’s dire I tell you.

Today’s Chepstow fancies:

12.30 Chep- Little Jon & Mortlestown (e/w).

1.00 Chep- Hansupfordetroit (win).

1.30 Chep- Lamps & Brackloon High (e/w).

2.00 Chep- Violet Dancer (win).

2.35 Chep- Ace High, Red Rocco & Mountainous (small e/w’s).

3.10 Chep- Coverholder (e/w).

3.45 Chep- Bar A Mine (win).

Grab a grand! 😉

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