Sarpur | júní, 2015


30 Jún

Hello everyone!!!

Here’s the latest Dj that I’ve discovered on Twitter in the last week, Dan-Tek.

As always, if you would like for me to give you a shout-out on Twitter (and include you on a blog-post), hit me up on Twitter or send me an email, I’m focusing primarily on techno, EDM and Progressive. Also, don’t get discouraged if I don’t mention you. I’m trying to squeeze this into a busy schedule and I probably won’t be able to get to everyone.


Armin Van Buuren Birth Of An Angel Song

28 Jún

These links are scattered on by blog, but wanted them easy to access.  I added the following to the bottom of my PRAYER page.  I hope they help you pray!

Last night I had an awesome Holy Hour.  Half way in, a trance tune got stuck in my head.  This morning, I ran across this awesome song … I’d like to think this was the one.  Armin van Buuren’s “Birth of an Angel … jump ahead to about 4 minutes … that’s when it gets really good!  This is trance music at it’s best!!

Take a listen, Housematik.

26 Jún

Housematik should be one of the most difficult people to remix. Having one of the best tracks in the industry. This artist from BA, has a lot to balance already. Back when I was in college (which I won’t divulge just how long ago that was) I had a hard enough time managing my schedule with classes alone.

Housematik crafted a melodic house tune that charges with emotions. The added drum work brings in anticipation and a little bit of aggression for the razor sharp synths, which gives this tune larger-than-life feel that will get playtime across the blogosphere for months to come.

Be At Deadmau5S India Tour

23 Jún


It’s Deadmau5. Need we say more? We have already seen the Mau5 heads, tails and what not floating around so let’s skip all that here. And let’s focus on what we can really expect apart from the smoke, dope, and daru.

Here’s everything, straight from the horse’s mouth. We have Deadmau5 talking:

Tell us about your live shows – the production and the set-up.

When it comes to ‘live’ performance of EDM ,it’s not about performance art, it’s not about talent either .I think given about one hour of instruction, anyone with minimal knowledge of Ableton and music technology in general could do what I’m doing at a Deadmau5 concert. I always have a programmed set, with MIDI triggering my lights. It’s a beautiful show, but my show is the most ‘press-play’ show  because  there’s Ableton running live. So that’s my ‘live’ show. and that’s as ‘live’ as I can comfortably get it of course it’ll evolve, and change up, but I am sure a few key principles will always remain the same.

© Al Powers,

You have inked a deal with Astralwerks – could you tell us about the revenue share, the role of Mautrap5 and the compilation you released under it?

Astralwerks released the brand new Mau5trap compilation album We Are Friends Vol. 2.  We  Friends Vol. 2 released my tracks Suckfest 9001 and Your Ad Here. As part of the agreement, I  will retain creative control of Mau5trap where I  will continue to nurture developing acts and curate the Mau5trap artist roster which has previously included Le Castle Vania, Feed Me and Foreign Beggars.

What is happening at Mautrap5? What are the releases lined up, any artists you are signing?

We Are Friends Vol. 2 is  the first Mau5trap release via Astralwerks. mau5trap compilation included my tracks Suckfest 9001 and Your Ad Here. Mau5trap will continue to operate as a separate entity out of the label’s Toronto offices.The releases that are lined up are as follows: BSOD – Super Breakfast Aron H – Entrance Eekkoo – Lekture Heat Maxwell – FreakShow and so on..

Some industry experts have been saying that the popularity of dance music is just a temporary wave that will burn out before something else catches up. Do you agree?

Well I think the rage for EDM is increasing day by day. There are more and more EDM enthusiasts and we are not here to think about its temporary existence. If it has to dwindle it will.

Which artists would you like to work with? And which genres apart from EDM do you wish to dabble in?

Would want to work with Alex Kapranos who’s amazing at rock and Justin Timberlake whose known for his pop.

The dates for the India tour are:

March 14 – Mumbai

Tickets are available here: Bookmyshow

And ’til then, listen to Deadmau5 here: Gaana or Grooveshark or

Buy Deadmau5′s music here: Flipkart or

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This is the last by Forever Alien, Through The Wall

21 Jún

I came across today’s new music discovery several weeks ago and I have been waiting for the perfect time to feature it on the blog… and that time is now. Forever Alien is a Dj formation that delivers songs that are filled with impeccable sounds, driving audio, massive hooks and huge choruses. What I love about Forever Alien is how this Dj is able to draw upon the many influences to the next level.

See you guys next update!

Dash Berlin Feat Jonathan Mendelsohn %E2%80%93 Better Half Of Me

20 Jún

Like a thief in the night

I would steal you away if I could

I would steal you away, I would

The passion lies

The passion lies

I’ll never give you surrender

The passion lies

You will never again wake up

You will never again wake up

You will never again wake up

And I will be your shelter and

You will never again wake up

And I will be your shelter and

I miss those times

And it felt so safe

And I was waiting patiently

And I was waiting patiently

If you’re doing fine

Haven’t heard from you

And I was waiting patiently

Weapons and warfare

We’re starting something

And if you have a spark

And if you have to leave

You can go it alone

This is a protest

We’ll take it back now

And if you have a spark

And if you have to leave

You can go it alone

And if you have to leave

*Thank you Victor Hugo for correcting the lyrics*

When the world falls apart

When the world’s unkind

Through the dark of night

When the world falls apart

When the world falls apart

Until the end

When the world’s unkind

Through the dark of night

When the world falls apart

Until the end

*Thank you isac!!*

Broken promises die like road kill

Chewed up and spit out

And I collect myself and crawl through the shadows

‘Cause someone up there holds the key to my heart

When all I want is for you to see

Alone and incomplete

I’ll fall forever endlessly

*Thanks Andru!! And Moni21 & TRANCElover*

Awesome track from Relia, What You Need Original

17 Jún

Hear What You Need Original from Relia below. Expect the full length LP in the next year!!!

Vladimir Stevkov known as Relia is born in Strumica, Macedonia! He has been involved with electronic music since the early-middle of 90’s. Following the modern trends of electronic scene he had passed through many genres like: rave,psychedelic trans, progressive house, house, deep house, tech house! In 1998 he move to live in Sofia, Bulgaria where he live at the moment and work as dj and producer! More that 10 years Relia has exclusively and only devoted himself to styles such as: House, Tech house and Progressive house! House and Tech music are more common for his sets, supported by melodic sounds and vocals. As a result of the producing activity, recently he had three singles – published by AMAdea records label and he will continue to create the music that You enjoy. Currently, Relia working on producing his own music and prepare some really good ‘sounds’, which will be released continuously.

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