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Suha Sama On Roya Tv

25 Júl

Feeling my way through the darkness

They tell me I’m too young to understand



I tried carrying the weight of the world


Wish that I could stay forever this young

tumblr_mtnbekDEvc1rsf9g8o1_400 tumblr_mtnbekDEvc1rsf9g8o2_400


Didn’t know I was lost

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You will love it,

24 Júl

What I’ve noticed about Omar Emme is that most of his tracks have a nice vibe throughout due to the flow that he creates and samples that he spits. His ability allows him to create a sound as smooth as the velvet fabric on a blazer or a dress. Take his track Omar Emme X Delight The Closing Show Dj Contest for instance, which gave me the feeling of chillin’ on a bench, enjoying the cool summer day. With his skills as a producer, the music he creates comes across in a different light. It’s more clean and clear-cut than most due to the time that he must take during production, making sure his sound relays the hard work and dedication that he puts in at all hours of the day.

If you are a fan of the electronic genre, Omar Emme is your artist to listen.


20 Júl

All I can say is… I love this artist!!! Thank to one of our readers for sending me this:

I hope to hear from somebody soon…


16 Júl

New songs on Chords.TV

Top 10 on Chords.TV

New songs on Chords.TV

New songs on Chords.TV


8 Júl

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Dj Mag Top 100 Results An Alternative Analysis

8 Júl

Due to a leak on Twitter the results of this year’s poll are available earlier than ever. Here they are in full: –

1 Armin van Buuren (non-mover)

11 ATB (non-mover)

21 Fedde Le Grand (up 8)

31 Richie Hawtin (down 3)

41 Feel (down 11)

51 Paul Oakenfold (down 28)

61 Andy C (up 39)

71 W&W (new entry)

81 Pete The Zouk (new entry)

91 Showtek (new entry)

It seems as though those DJs who are actively using new media to garner votes are at a big advantage, the Top 100 is sprinkled with a few odd names amongst established DJs. The era of getting in the chart via extensive gigging are numbered, with a DJ more likely to chart highly if he/she produces literally anything remotely tuneful.

The lack of DJs playing non four to the floor music is worrying- especially when you consider how dubstep has emerged as a genre in the last twelve months. You have to go all the way down to No. 61 to find the first non trance/house/techno DJ Andy C. Unless David Guetta has changed his style from “house” to Mongolian breaks recently.

If you wish to increase your chances of getting into the chart you must consider changing a) your style of music to trance or b) your name to something Dutch sounding. The chart nowadays is nothing more than a bit of harmless fun (if lucrative monetarily) which DJ Magazine publishes to keep their profile high throughout the year.


The chart in full incase you haven’t seen it: –

1. Armin van Buuren (non-mover)

The first thing I wish to mention is the lack of coverage that the list is getting online- DJ Magazine themselves haven’t updated their site to announce the results yet! The list has been available since Monday so that has something to do with the muted response, as does the fact that the top ten is virtually the same and lower down is dominated by obscure trance DJs. I can see that next year DJ Magazine pulling out of the poll entirely since it’s not really fitting in with their mission statement to cover all genres of dance music.

With well over half the top one hundred now trance DJs it’s clear that the followers of the likes of Van Buuren, Tiesto et al are very adept with the internet and new media. Or (more likely) that followers of every other genre don’t bother to vote for their favourite DJs as they feel they stand little or no chance in making an impact in the chart.

It’s very easy to get hung up on issues arising from the chart, like a DJ from Russia who knows how to spam effectively can actually rank higher than Carl Cox, Dave Clarke doesn’t even place in the top one hundred and that Graeme Le Saux’s Spanish brother almost made it into the chart. Thats why I believe the chart should now be treated as a bit of fun. Admittedly a bit of fun that generates millions of pounds for those who place in the top one hundred, but a bit of fun notheless.

The usual amount of baffling entries and unknowns this year- this is my take on each DJ in a sentence or less;).

01. Armin van Buuren – Dutch trance DJ who sells out stadiums across the world.

02. Tiësto – Dutch trance DJ who sells out slightly larger stadiums across the world.

03. Paul van Dyk – Been living off records made years ago to boost his DJ profile.

04. Above & Beyond – Trance trio who are big in Europe and the US apparently.

05. David Guetta – Sub par producer and DJ whose singles all sound alike.

06. Ferry Corsten – Saw him once, Ronny Corbett would have been better entertainment that night, monologues and all.

07. Sasha – Great DJ but never really has cut it as a producer.

08. Markus Schulz – Interchangeable with the top four music wise.

09. John Digweed – See Sasha.

10. Infected Mushroom – Psy-Trance outfit from Israel, who seem to get the majority of the votes from their homeland.

11. Deadmau5 – Doesn’t classify himself as a DJ so naturally is high up in the list.

12. Carl Cox – One of the greats, in both attitude and skill.

13. Sander van Doorn – Tech-Trance DJ who is better known as a producer.

14. Paul Oakenfold – Can barely mix two records together anymore, must be spending too much time with Madonna.

15. Richie Hawtin – An embracer of technology as well as a very decent DJ.

16. Hernan Cattaneo – Seems to rank highly every year due to extensive gigging.

17. James Zabiela – Talented DJ and a great user of technology.

18. Andy Moor – Trance DJ who seems to rise in the poll year on year.

19. Eddie Halliwell – Tech-Trance DJ who scratches in his sets, Disco Wiz would be so proud.

20. Axwell – More known for his production skills than DJing.

21. Eric Prydz – Fears planes.

22. Kyau & Albert – Sound like two characters from an Eastern European version of Sesame Street.

23. Gareth Emery – Veteran DJ who warmed up for Paul Oakenfold in 1987 (probably).

24. Sven Väth – Only uses vinyl, good for him.

25. ATB – Had one hit in the UK, very big in Europe.

26. Anderson Noise – Brazilian techno producer and DJ who is big in Bolivia (probably).

27. Joachim Garraud – French techno producer and remixer.

28. Bobina – Russian DJ who clearly has spammed a few people.

29. Fedde le Grand – Producer turned DJ after a couple of hits.

30. Dubfire – Half of Deep Dish, reinvented himself lately as a techno producer.

31. Aly & Fila – Trance duo, big in Outer Mongolia (probably).

32. Judge Jules – More popular than Pete Tong despite his radio show being moved to stupid o’clock.

33. Umek – Four deck techno wizard.

34. Matt Darey – Trance producer so clearly ranks highly in the list.

35. Ricky Stone – DJ who takes the list very seriously, obviously sees spamming people as a easier way to climb the list than actual talent.

36. Ricardo Villalobos – Techno producer and DJ, very minimal.

37. Lange – Trance DJ who was big in 1998.

38. Daft Punk – Last DJed in 1999.

39. Benny Benassi – Still dining out on his one hit.

40. Bob Sinclair – House producer who hangs out with kids in his videos.

41. Deep Dish – Haven’t DJed regularly for a few years now.

42. Mark Knight – Heavy gigging house DJ.

43. Astrix – French cartoon character.

44. Marco V – Tech-Trance producer who probably feels he should be higher up the list.

45. The Thrillseekers – Trance outfit who were big with one hit in 1999.

46. Laidback Luke – Prolific house remixer and producer.

47. Danny Tenaglia – Semi-Godlike house DJ whose profile has dropped over the past few years.

48. Menno de Jong – Dutch trance DJ (probably).

49. Marco Lenzi – Italian DJ who now resides over here, clearly as good at spamming as he is at EU law.

50. Andy C – Drum and Bass DJ and production veteran.

51. Offer Nissim – Where more of Israel’s votes went.

52. Martin Solveig – House producer and DJ, big where its cold.

53. Adam Sheridan – House and Trance DJ from the UK, should be Dutch.

54. Sean Tyas – Swiss Trance DJ, should be Dutch.

55. DJ Feel – Russian DJ who spammed less people than Bobina.

56. Yahel – Where yet more Israeli votes went.

57. Roger Sanchez – Veteran house DJ who has the coolest voice of anyone ever.

58. DJ Shah – Jimmy Saville’s protege.

59. Sander Kleinenberg – Dutch DJ in house music shocker.

60. John O’Callaghan – Yet another trance DJ, this time from the UK.

61. Blank & Jones – German trance duo best know for a minor club hit about a decade ago.

62. Cosmic Gate – Best known for two words- FIRE and WIRE.

63. Steve Angello – Swedish House DJ, likes planes more than Eric “Mr T.” Prydz.

64. Simon Patterson – Tech-Trance DJ who sounds like a bank manager from Swindon.

65. Gabriel & Dresden – Trance duo from the US, not Holland.

66. Richard Durand – Sounds British, is actually Dutch, so he plays trance of course.

67. Laurent Wolf – French house producer who DJs on the first Wednesday of every month.

68. Matt Hardwick – Gatecrasher veteran who plays trance and therefore likes clogs and water (probably).

69. Chris Liebing – US techno DJ and producer.

70. Erick Morillo – DJ and producer who likes to move it to a large castle in Switzerland, such is his fee to play.

71. DJ Hype – Very talented drum and bass veteran.

72. Signum – Known for trance and hard house production, therefore are Dutch.

73. Justice – Part time DJs and Kanye West botherers.

74. Dirty South – Electro house producers and DJs from the UK.

75. Wally Lopez – Spanish house DJ and producer.

76. Magda – Female techno DJ from the US, so many unique traits there.

77. Lisa Lashes – Used to play hard house, now probably plays trance and resides in Holland.

78. Pete Tong – Doesn’t know how to spam properly on his radio show for the list.

79. DJ Vibe – House DJ from the US.

80. Bad Boy Bill – House DJ from the US who used to regularly spam his way to the higher reaches of the chart.

81. Tiddey – Sounds like the fifth Teletubbie, is in fact a Polish trance DJ with Dutch grandparents (probably).

82. Greg Downey – Trance DJ from the UK, emigrating to Holland soon though.

83. Marcel Woods – Self proclaimed multi genre DJ from Holland who therefore plays trance.

84. Nick Warren – House DJ who seems to been around since decks were invented in 1923.

85. Solar System – Where we all reside, therefore should have been able to spam themselves higher.

86. Skazi – Psy-Trance star from Israel or Holland, either one.

87. Mike Koglin – Trance DJ from the UK, secretly yearns to move to Holland though.

88. Mauro Picotto – Techno DJ who hangs out with lizards.

89. Sébastien Léger – French house producer and DJ.

90. The Chemical Brothers – Rarely do more than a few DJ dates a year, so are included in the list.

91. Steve Lawler – House DJ who was incredibly popular about decade ago and has slipped down the chart in recent years.

92. Fatboy Slim – Anything goes producer and DJ from the UK.  

93. Solarstone – Trance outfit from the UK who are big in Holland.

94. Astral Projection – Patrick Moore’s favourite trance troupe.

95. Leon Bolier – Sounds French but plays trance so is Dutch.

96. Nic Fanciulli – House DJ from the UK, suffers from not playing trance and not being Dutch. 

97. Ronski Speed – A made up drug from Munich.

98. Tocadisco – German house DJ and producer.

99. Booka Shade – German house outfit who occasionally DJ.

100. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden – At a guess I’d say they were Dutch and they played trance.

Legendary track… Podcast Marzo 2015 Buenos Aires Argentina

4 Júl

The discovery train makes another stop in Argentina to adjust our focus towards an artist who creates an enjoyable tech house sound.

Nowadays, when you hear a well-produced track with good sound and lyrics backing it up, you feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. When it comes to Rod Sanchez however, the rough upgrades to a mine full of the shiny gems. I came across the artist from Argentina a few years ago and after listening to a few pieces, I was hooked.

His style mixes incredibly well with old school vibes, creating a rare melody for those who are lucky to have stumbled across this music.

Check this music by Rod Sanchez;

Hope you liked it, see you guys.