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29 Sep

Today Im gonna show you this music.

The track is called Meyer Techno Weapons 2015 by Abel Meyer, I really love how it sounds.

Abel Meyer has been making strides in this all too cluttered industry. Producing unique and engaging tracks, Abel Meyer has been anything but ordinary as he climbed the ranks of techno connoisseurs minds, dropping a diverse collection of electro, progressive house, trap, big room and hardstyle tracks.

With such an arsenal of dancefloor-pleasing tunes, we were elated to welcome Abel Meyer into the halls of ourblog greatness as our Dj of the month.

Let’s put together a warm welcome for our newest resdient, Mr. Abel Meyer.

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New music… in 3,2,1…

25 Sep

I want to talk about Beastie Beat. His particular creation of the techno is something to mention also. Take for instance the track Beastie Beat Set O 2014. The sample throughout makes the track a constant repeat.

Whenever I play it, I feel like I’m in a car, riding along with the top down in LA or Miami. And don’t sleep on his emcee skills. They are top-notch, with drums that make you rock your head and feel every snare he’s playing.

It doesn’t matter where you are at in the world. If you play one of his tracks, you’ll be kicking up your feet and rockin’ to his beat in no time….

Romney And Robertson Are Out To Prove God Wrong

24 Sep

Because of the ACA, our business is suffering through lower insurance costs for the first time ever. In spite of staff aging up, our provider has lowered our premium costs. We were accustomed to double-digit increases for most of the last decade. 

And now mom-and-pop businesses that make the sacrifice to provide insurance for their employees will have a more level playing field against those businesses that neglect their moral obligation to their workers. Consider this — if your business model depends on a paying a non-living wage and pushing your workers into the safety net (provided by others), then you are not an entrepreneur; you are an exploiter. To borrow a popular hate phrase: You are not a producer; you are a parasite.

I request that you serve the people of Missouri and reject the politics of GOP obstruction at all costs.

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Dj Moelg. It isn’t very common, take a listen

20 Sep



Dj Antoines Ma Cherie Music Video Over 70000 Hits On Youtube In One Day

20 Sep

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NEW Hardcore/Hard Techno Dj

16 Sep

It’s always a good day when we get to announce a brand new act to you guys. Coming out of the Netherlands, Dforce is bringing dark, ominous synth-driven alternative that highlights the sultry. This video showcases the electronic nature, coupling it with crackling atmospheric layering, rhythmic percussion. The overall vibe is enchantingly haunting, providing a industrial, yet engaging electronic hardcore/hard techno experience. The listener can’t help but dive deep into the rich soundscape.

While there’s not a lot of information out there on Dforce, we did come across this little tidbit in regards to this newly formed artist.

Listen to this!

8 Sep

The discovery train makes another stop in United States to adjust our focus towards an artist who creates an enjoyable electro house sound.

Nowadays, when you hear a well-produced track with good sound and lyrics backing it up, you feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. When it comes to Raaka however, the rough upgrades to a mine full of the shiny gems. I came across the artist from United States a few years ago and after listening to a few pieces, I was hooked.

His style mixes incredibly well with old school vibes, creating a rare melody for those who are lucky to have stumbled across this music.

Check this music by Raaka;

Hope you liked it, see you guys.