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Music and sound have always been my passion. After a professional sports career I decided it was time to pursuit this passion. While studying audio engineering at the Sound Audio Engineering institute in Amsterdam, I was a full time dj at various bars, clubs and events in Amsterdam and Europe. My highlights include Club Paradiso, resident dj at Blue (Club Church) and the Milkshake festival. Because of my international reputation as a former professional squash player (world number 13), I also staged at the World Open Squash tournament in Rotterdam, where I was responsible for all sound effects and music for the entire event.

I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY and have recently played at the Babel Lounge and Club Noir. I have also performed at Grand Central station for the squash Tournament of Champions as well as an event at the Fashion House. I am the resident dj for events at the Heights Casino.

Through a creative mix of music I can reach a broad audience and I adapt my unique style to each setting, weather its an opening set, peak time clubbing or corporate event. My style is influenced by the Dutch House scene and I transfer my passion and perception of the music onto my audience.


Wake Me Up

30 Okt

With the lyrics still playing in my head I started to think about my daughter, who lives with bipolar disorder, and our experiences due to her illness.  She is 24 now and has a child of her own.  Due to her illness she currently lives at home with my husband and I as she works diligently to get back on her feet.  I have two other children, a son who is 26 and a younger daughter who is 22.  However, they both live on their own.

With that in mind, I have had moments when the stressors are so great that I’ve wondered if things are ever going to change.  It would be easy to just say, “Just wake me up when it’s over!”  That way I wouldn’t have to face the challenges that parents of a child with a mental illness face on a daily basis such as the perpetual, emotional roller coaster ride in regard to my daughter’s moods, the financial strain of taking care of an adult child with mental illness, the wear and tear on my relationship with my husband and other children, and the nagging concern I have in regard to whether or not my daughter has made it to her appointments and whether or not I should get involved in how she conducts her life, as well as other unique challenges.

After pulling into the drive-way, and turning the ignition off, I sat for a moment in my car with silence surrounding me.  I sat alone thinking how nice it would be if everything my husband and I are working towards just fell into place.  The picture I imagined in my mind was my husband and I sitting down to a celebration dinner.  I imagined that as we talked we congratulated one another on a job well done, as far as raising our children.  As we smiled at one another we clinked our wine glasses together and said, “Congratulations!  Now it’s time for us!”  With the blink of an eye the image faded, and I got out of the car and headed inside the house.  That’s not our reality, at least not yet.

And it was as I ran up the steps that I realized that I would never want to wake up when it’s over!  Imagine what I would miss!  I now have a beautiful granddaughter that I get to help take care of!  Additionally, I believe that it is in experiencing that we live!  Yes, some days are difficult to get through, and there are times when things just don’t make sense.  And then there are those moments that I want to hold onto forever, like the moment I saw my daughter hold her daughter for the first time and the moment when I realized how far my daughter has come in relation to her illness.  She is an amazing mother and headed down a very healthy path.  Our family has come far as well, and that my friends is enough for a celebration!  We are not lost.  We are right where we are supposed to be!

So, I have to ask, would you want to wake up when it’s over?

Growing stronger…



    Floatin on a cloud

  • I will be strong

  • Calvin Harris

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    I go through stages where I get quite entranced with certain fashion, foods, music etc. Here are some things I cannot seem to get my fill:

    Primary colors

    I’ve busted out my opaque tights now that there’s a chill in the air. I love pairing yellow, green, blue or red with gray. Sometimes I probably look like Rainbow Bright but you know what? It makes me happy and I hope it makes you smile too!

    Do you like my yellow flats?

    Hemp Shakes

    No you cannot get high from hemp. However, you can get high on nutrients 😉 Read more about it here The basic idea is that it’s whole plant based protein chalk full of essential amino/fatty acids aka super nourishing to your bod. It loves you back! I’ll have to post about my chocolate hemp smoothie pictured next because it tastes amazing!

    Who DOESN’T drink their smoothies from a pint glass? 😉

    James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem

    I’m going through a very danceable phase in my music right now. I sort of gravitated away from chamber pop ala Grizzly Bear, Doves, Elbow etc and now want to shake my bootay I guess. I don’t ask myself questions, I just go with it 🙂 If the build at the 3:05min mark doesn’t get you on your feet, I don’t know what will. You might want to check your pulse haha.

    P.S Dear Chris Brown, stop stealing Calvin Harris’s sweet beats!

    The Ritz Theatre In Haddon Needs Our Help 7 Reasons Why You Should Help Keep This Theatre Alive Savetheritz

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    2013 was the year that catchy songs completely dominated our radios, Pandora stations, and Spotify stations.  You’ll hear that song, you begin to like it, you eventually memorize the lyrics, and then you and your friends drunkingly sing it at a club or at a really bad karaoke night at Applebee’s. At this point, the song is etched into your brain, and unfortunately for you, no matter how much you “like” the song, it just won’t leave your brain – AT ALL.

    Between the 100,000 times your favorite radio station would play this song, all of the commercials that feature the song on tv, and the fact that it seems like EVERYBODY around you is singing it (including your weird uncle from Atlantic City), you realize that you have officially fallen victim to the Annoying Song Syndrome, or ASS. Yes, you have fallen victim to the ASS.

    With that said, here are 7 songs from 2013 that went from a FAVORITE JAM to a song that you’d like to not hear in the year 2014…

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    Dash Berlin Feat Shanokee Surrender

    25 Okt

    Like a thief in the night

    I would steal you away if I could

    I would steal you away, I would

    The passion lies

    The passion lies

    I’ll never give you surrender

    The passion lies

    It isn’t very common, take a listen: Raul Stoica External Stoicarl

    23 Okt

    Hear Raul Stoica External Stoicarl from Raul Stoica below. Expect the full length LP in the next year!!!



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    Hearing System

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    Hearing System



    Genre: Tech House