Sarpur | ágúst, 2016

Free eargasm music, Wnk

24 Ágú

Hey dear readers! I want to present you:

See ya!


From Japan, Satosi

18 Ágú


Satosi Facebook

Amazing. (And fresh).

Listen to Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz New Bounce Original Mix from Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

8 Ágú

Hi guys!! How are you?? My week has been very busy so I couldn’t make new post… But it is the day at last and the sun shine so I want to enjoy the music!

I want to present you an artist I have recently discovered: Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

What do you think???

If you want to know more about this amazing new artist:

Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz Facebook


4 Ágú

I can see it now. More than 100,000 people at the 2014 Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas will be blaring this mix as two people, spotted from an aerial view, just making out with the energy of this song taking over their mind, body and just living for the night.

Solari, cool Tech House music.

2 Ágú

Solari: my last Dj I have discovered

Today’s New Music Discovery on our blog, Solari is an electronic music who actually sounds like it described itself.

If you like great songs, Solari is the Dj to check out right now.

Welcome to your new Dj Discovery.

More info:Solari Facebook