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Check this music from Wnk

26 Júl

After a lot of thinking about it, I have decided to write this entry…

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11 Mar

I just discovered this artist from United Kingdom

Well, I know. it’s too much beauty in this blog today.

Listen to this!

8 Sep

The discovery train makes another stop in United States to adjust our focus towards an artist who creates an enjoyable electro house sound.

Nowadays, when you hear a well-produced track with good sound and lyrics backing it up, you feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. When it comes to Raaka however, the rough upgrades to a mine full of the shiny gems. I came across the artist from United States a few years ago and after listening to a few pieces, I was hooked.

His style mixes incredibly well with old school vibes, creating a rare melody for those who are lucky to have stumbled across this music.

Check this music by Raaka;

Hope you liked it, see you guys.


8 Júl

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Check this music from Ewandarmody

2 Jún

ewandarmody is a very talented, 18 year old DJ/Producer blasting out of Fife, Scotland. He is self taught and has been DJing for 2 years now. Ewan has been listening to Electronic Music from a very young age and has an extensive library of tracks, leading from Deep House, to Minimal, to Techno.

Thank you so much. This song makes my day.