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Free eargasm music, Wnk

24 Ágú

Hey dear readers! I want to present you:

See ya!


ELECTRONIC MUSIC, Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

13 Júl

Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

Y’all take care!

I want to talk you guys about Wnk

2 Júl

I want to talk about Wnk. His particular creation of the tech house is something to mention also. Take for instance the track Wnk Cloudy Morning Original?In=Canalauditif. The sample throughout makes the track a constant repeat.

Whenever I play it, I feel like I’m in a car, riding along with the top down in LA or Miami. And don’t sleep on his emcee skills. They are top-notch, with drums that make you rock your head and feel every snare he’s playing.

It doesn’t matter where you are at in the world. If you play one of his tracks, you’ll be kicking up your feet and rockin’ to his beat in no time….

Listen this as loud as possible. Paco

16 Des

Today I’m back… and i’m pleased to post,



Genre: Trance



Today, I want to talk to you about Chris Karpas

23 Nóv

Man… this is good…!

Thank you SO MUCH for being so many and many and many more readers months after months.

Kevin Nash, my new favourite Dj

15 Nóv

All I can say is… I love this artist!!! Thank to one of our readers for sending me this:

Enjoy it


29 Sep

Today Im gonna show you this music.

The track is called Meyer Techno Weapons 2015 by Abel Meyer, I really love how it sounds.

Abel Meyer has been making strides in this all too cluttered industry. Producing unique and engaging tracks, Abel Meyer has been anything but ordinary as he climbed the ranks of techno connoisseurs minds, dropping a diverse collection of electro, progressive house, trap, big room and hardstyle tracks.

With such an arsenal of dancefloor-pleasing tunes, we were elated to welcome Abel Meyer into the halls of ourblog greatness as our Dj of the month.

Let’s put together a warm welcome for our newest resdient, Mr. Abel Meyer.

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