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From Japan, Satosi

18 Ágú


Satosi Facebook

Amazing. (And fresh).


Awesome track from Alex Aguilar

19 Feb


There’s no better way to start, Dirtie Blonde Avventurieri

15 Feb

My favorite song I’ve discovered recently, is from Dirtie Blonde a house Dj who is on the cusp of doing some great things in this year. Dirtie Blonde delivers catchy riffs, sticky hooks and leads that are spot on.

Listen to the song:

Over the last few years, rising producer/Dj Dirtie Blonde has worked on many projects. Needless to say, fans are anxious to get their hands on his upcoming debut album. According to a new post from Dirtie Blonde, it’s currently in the works, and he has a brand new track to share with the world.

If you are a fan of the house revolution, Dirtie Blonde is your Dj to listen today.

It isn’t very common, take a listen: Raul Stoica External Stoicarl

23 Okt

Hear Raul Stoica External Stoicarl from Raul Stoica below. Expect the full length LP in the next year!!!



Genre: Tech House



Take a listen, Housematik.

26 Jún

Housematik should be one of the most difficult people to remix. Having one of the best tracks in the industry. This artist from BA, has a lot to balance already. Back when I was in college (which I won’t divulge just how long ago that was) I had a hard enough time managing my schedule with classes alone.

Housematik crafted a melodic house tune that charges with emotions. The added drum work brings in anticipation and a little bit of aggression for the razor sharp synths, which gives this tune larger-than-life feel that will get playtime across the blogosphere for months to come.

Awesome track from Relia, What You Need Original

17 Jún

Hear What You Need Original from Relia below. Expect the full length LP in the next year!!!

Vladimir Stevkov known as Relia is born in Strumica, Macedonia! He has been involved with electronic music since the early-middle of 90’s. Following the modern trends of electronic scene he had passed through many genres like: rave,psychedelic trans, progressive house, house, deep house, tech house! In 1998 he move to live in Sofia, Bulgaria where he live at the moment and work as dj and producer! More that 10 years Relia has exclusively and only devoted himself to styles such as: House, Tech house and Progressive house! House and Tech music are more common for his sets, supported by melodic sounds and vocals. As a result of the producing activity, recently he had three singles – published by AMAdea records label and he will continue to create the music that You enjoy. Currently, Relia working on producing his own music and prepare some really good ‘sounds’, which will be released continuously.

Did you like it? tell us…

Super nice music: Pedro De La Rosa

26 Mar

Summer is right around the corner and you know what what means… more summery tunes to help us beat the heat as we dance the next few months away! What better way to shed those winter coats and bring some sunshine back in the world than with some feel good music?

Pedro De La Rosa decided to put this music on youtube, which happens to be one of the biggest tracks out in the dance music world.Right now. The collaborative efforts turned a phenomenal song into a main stage sensation. With its emotive resonance stemming around a melodic progression, its big tech house synths, and an upbeat kick to get the dopamine flowing, this tune is bound to surge across the kinetic fields at every upcoming festival.

Now go pull out those dusty swim suits, grab the tanning lotion, and put this one on repeat because you’re about to hear one of the most infectious remixes out there.