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Listen to Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz New Bounce Original Mix from Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

8 Ágú

Hi guys!! How are you?? My week has been very busy so I couldn’t make new post… But it is the day at last and the sun shine so I want to enjoy the music!

I want to present you an artist I have recently discovered: Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz

What do you think???

If you want to know more about this amazing new artist:

Pillow Frisbee Teddy Beatz Facebook


New music… in 3,2,1…

7 Júl

Today Im gonna show you this music.

The track is called Solari Oh My God 08 17 02 2016 by Solari, I really love how it sounds.

Solari has been making strides in this all too cluttered industry. Producing unique and engaging tracks, Solari has been anything but ordinary as he climbed the ranks of tech house connoisseurs minds, dropping a diverse collection of electro, progressive house, trap, big room and hardstyle tracks.

With such an arsenal of dancefloor-pleasing tunes, we were elated to welcome Solari into the halls of ourblog greatness as our Dj of the month.

Let’s put together a warm welcome for our newest resdient, Mr. Solari.

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Legendary track… Podcast Marzo 2015 Buenos Aires Argentina

4 Júl

The discovery train makes another stop in Argentina to adjust our focus towards an artist who creates an enjoyable tech house sound.

Nowadays, when you hear a well-produced track with good sound and lyrics backing it up, you feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. When it comes to Rod Sanchez however, the rough upgrades to a mine full of the shiny gems. I came across the artist from Argentina a few years ago and after listening to a few pieces, I was hooked.

His style mixes incredibly well with old school vibes, creating a rare melody for those who are lucky to have stumbled across this music.

Check this music by Rod Sanchez;

Hope you liked it, see you guys.


21 Feb

I want to recommend you a perfect dj: Joe Di Bianco, the productions are perfect and the atmosphere is cute.

Check this music from Joe Di Bianco

If you want to know more about Joe Di Bianco: Joe Di Bianco Facebook